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What Can I Do with Python? Tips and Tricks

Python: What Can You Do with It?

Despite being a beginner-friendly coding language that’s relatively easy to learn, Python can be used to do many powerful things, including web development, scripting, and data science. If you don’t know how Python can help with these technical skills, here’s a run down of each.

Analyze Data That Matters to You with Python

Analyze Data That Matters to You with Python

Python can be used to analyze data, which is part of data science. What data? Well, pretty much anything you can throw at it.

As a professional example, you could end up working at a company that sells desktop and laptop computers. They may ask you to use Python to analyze sales data between the two types of products.

Depending on how the data comes out, you may be the one to discover that college-age students buy more laptops on weekends, informing business decisions.

More About Data Science

Python can be used for other parts of data science — not just data analysis. You can also tackle machine learning and data visualization. If you’ve ever wanted to train a computer program to tell you if someone in a photo is wearing high-heels or flip-flops, Python can help you do it.

Automate Mundane Tasks You Do, Using Python

Automate Mundane Tasks You Do, Using Python

Some things are just better left for computers to do through automation. In this way, Python can help save you time and make your life a little easier.

Expanding on the above example about working for a computer sales company, if you were asked to figure out common reasons for computer returns, you could write an automated Python script to comb through computer-return data, looking for patterns that may be hard to pick up on manually, such as peak return days.

More About Scripting

The process of having a Python program perform automated tasks is called scripting. Depending on the task, Python scripts can be written quickly — much more quickly than performing some tasks manually. Python also has a straightforward and simple syntax, which helps with making scripts function the intended way from the beginning.

Use a Python Framework for Back-End Web Development

Use a Python Framework for Back-End Web Development

Using a framework based on Python for back-end web development can simplify your projects. Two Python frameworks worth checking out are Django and Flask. Depending on how much you know about programming and what your end goals are, you may choose one over the other.

Flask provides learning opportunities and is flexible in how it lets you program. Django may lead to a better outcome for the project because of its relative rigidness.

More About Web Development

Some programmers discover they love back-end web development much more than front-end, and that’s okay. That’s why Python exists. (Well, not really, but it’s nice, nonetheless.) If you’re also interested in taking on the front end of web development, then you’ll probably need to learn JavaScript eventually.

Learn Even More Python Tips and Tricks

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