August 19, 2019 - by Hackbright

You Can Go Back to School

What's Stopping You From Going Back to School?

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Can I even go back to school?”, we would like to tell you that the answer is yes, you can go back to school. At Hackbright, we’ve helped phenomenal women make the decision to go back to school, and we’d like to help you make the best decision for your educational and professional future, too. So, let’s talk about going back to school.

Why Do You Want to Go Back to School?

Of course, it may seem obvious to you that you can go back to school, but why would you want to go back to school in the first place? A career change or job promotion may be reason enough. But really, your reasons are likely more unique than that. You want a career change or a promotion for a reason. What is that reason? Find it and hold onto it. That can help you when you go back to school.

Is Now the Right Time to Go Back to School?

Can you think of a valid reason for putting off going back to school? If you can, great. It’s important to realize when something in your life is definitely more important than going back to school. However, don’t confuse any old reason to not go back to school for a valid reason. Excuses will always exist. There will never be a perfect time to go back to school. Right now is often the right time.

Will Going Back to School Be Fast or Slow?

When making life decisions, such as when and where to go back to school, it can be helpful to start with the end in mind. If you have the time and resources, a traditional, four-year college experience may be in line with your career goals. If, on the other hand, you don’t have years of time to spend on education and you are interested in programming, you may want to consider an accelerated coding bootcamp.

Who Will Help You When You Go Back to School?

So, you’ve decided that, yes, you can go back to school. Now, you have to ask yourself, who’s going to help you stick with it? Will you be studying in a community of like-minded students and instructors who want to see you succeed? If you don’t know, then do some more research and ask more questions until you find the right learning environment. You can start by scheduling tours at nearby campuses.

How Can You Go Back to School While Working?

You may find that you need to keep your job while you go back to school. But, is that even possible? Well, of course, yes, absolutely. With hard work and the right after-hours program, you can take classes in the evening and on weekends while still working during the day. And, there are online courses available too, which may be ideal if you’re good at keeping yourself motivated. So, are you ready to go back to school?

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