December 17, 2013 - by Angie

PyCon 2014 Speakers Include Hackbright Alumnas!

The speaker lineup was announced this morning for the 2014 edition of PyCon which will be held in Montreal in April 9-17, 2014.

A whopping 33% of speakers at PyCon 2014 are women! And among them, we have a handful of Hackbright alumnae and mentors speaking! There are more Hackbrights who have submitted lightning talks, which have been approved and will be announced soon.

Below are the PyCon 2014 talks by Hackbright women:

Technical on-boarding, training, and mentoring.

Hackbright mentor Kate Heddleston and Hackbright alumn Nicole Zuckerman in "Community"

This is a talk about how to make junior and new engineers into independent and productive members of your engineering team faster and cheaper. We will focus on python specific resources and libraries that will help you create a simple but effective on boarding program, and talk about case studies of companies that have had success using these techniques.

So You Want to Build an API?

Hackbright alumna Megan Speir in "Best Practices & Patterns"

You might know what an API is. Maybe you've even implemented a handful of popular APIs out there, but you are thinking about building your own and don’t know where to start. This talk will show you how easy it is to build an API into your project using Python and Flask. We’ll also discuss best practices and design patterns for great APIs.

How to Get Started with Machine Learning

Hackbright alumna Melanie Warrick in "Education"

Provide an introduction to machine learning to clarify what it is, what it's not and how it fits into this picture of all the hot topics around data analytics and big data.

Python in the Browser: Intro to Brython

Hackbright alumna Susan Tan in "Other"

Have you ever wished that you can write Python in the browser? Brython is an experimental Javascript library that enables you to leverage the elegance of Python on the client side. Novice programmers who are familiar with Javascript will learn about Brython, how Brython measures up against Javascript, and why getting client-side Python adopted as a mainstream tool is really difficult.

So you want to be a full-stack developer? How to build a full-stack python web application.

Hackbright mentor Kate Heddleston in "Best Practices & Patterns"

This is a talk about building full-stack python web applications where you manage every part of the application yourself. I will walk through how to setup a production server with your web application code, a local development environment using vagrant, and how to deploy from your local environment to production. I will also walk through python and Django libraries that will make your life easier.

Pair programming the Hackbright way: our unique approach to training developers

Hackbright alum Gowri Grewal in "Best Practices & Patterns"

The Hackbright Academy is a highly competitive Python bootcamp for women that launched in San Francisco in 2012. Since then, Hackbright has put more women into software development jobs in Silicon Valley than Stanford and UC Berkeley combined! This talk will explore Hackbright's unique teaching style that enables women to become junior developers in as little as 10 weeks.


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