June 22, 2018 - by Tori Tsu

Powerhouse Women TGIF

TGIF! This week we heard from a number of powerhouse women: a Hackbright alumna, an editor-in-chief, a CMO, and a COO. Hear what they have to share about their experiences in tech, their insights for creating a successful career, and more.

Check back at the end of each week for our Friday finds.

Here's what we're reading – June 22

  • Read: Alumna Spotlight: Neha Gupta of Hackbright Academy by Lauren Stewart for Course Report. We think our students and alumnae are great, and we're always thrilled when someone else thinks so too! Our most recent graduating class was our inaugural South Bay cohort, and alumna Neha Gupta shared her story with Course Report. Learn why she decided to change careers from naturopathic medicine to engineering, and how she balanced a part-time job with her full-time studies.
  • Read: How Glamour, Just Eat and Shell are tackling the gender gap by Charlotte Rogers for Marketing Week. Gender imbalances exist in industries from tech, to fashion, to hospitality. This piece examines how brands are attempting to bridge the gap in the wake of the #MeToo movement (and just to generally address the uneven distribution of gender, backgrounds, and more).
  •  Read: Sheryl Sandberg's Speech to MIT Grads Included This Brilliant Lesson About Diversity by Marcel Schwantes for Inc. If you've not yet heard Sheryl Sandberg's commencement speech to MIT grads, you can watch (and read) the full thing here. If you have, then we love this recap from Inc. that sums up her insights, inspiration, and calls-to-action for MIT's outgoing class: "The most difficult problems and the greatest opportunities we will face are not technical or about technology alone. They are human."

What are you reading, watching, and listening to? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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