January 14, 2015 - by Angie Chang

Medium Engineer Jean Hsu on Platform Engineering and The Fallacies We Hold About Ourselves

As a software engineer, I used to think that I wasn’t interested in working on infrastructure or platform work. I thought of myself as a practical product-minded engineer who was good with people, could ship features, and get things done.
Jean Hsu
Engineer, Medium

Jean Hsu is an engineer at Medium. Previously, she led Android development at Pulse and was a software engineer at Google. She has six years of experience as a software engineer, and blogs at her website JeanHsu.com and on Medium. Follow her on Twitter @jyhsu.

... I had this preconceived notion that platform work was for people who were more “hardcore” than myself, who lived and breathed to code 24/7.

No one even ever said that to me explicitly, but I had that notion.

A message like “it’s ok, you’re just not a math person, it’s not for everyone,” can quickly become part of someone’s self-image.

An innocuous-sounding comment like “She loves art and writing, and her brother loves computers” can easily affect people’s perceptions of what they’re good at and should stick with and things that are “not for them.”

Read Jean's full blog post on Medium here - "The Fallacies We Hold About Ourselves"


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