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How Hard Is It to Learn Python?

How Hard Is It to Learn Python?

Programming languages have come and gone, but at Hackbright, we’ve stuck with Python because of its easy-to-understand syntax and versatility. By prioritizing Python within our curriculum, we encourage our students to prioritize writing elegant code. Python lets students stop thinking about syntax and just focus on problem-solving.

Python is an important part of the tech ecosystem, often used as a back-end programming language at tech giants and startups alike. With an intuitive syntax very similar to English, it’s a great introduction to programming as it enables you to take on other languages.

Becoming a Python developer can be an incredibly fulfilling profession that provides flexibility. Coding is all about creative problem-solving, collaboration, and communication.

Creating Strong Learning Habits 

Before you start learning code, it’s important to understand the basics. Learning how to learn programming will help you adapt as languages evolve, libraries are created, and tools are upgraded.

It’s not just about learning the newest technology but rather about developing the mindset you need to succeed as an engineer. You must be adaptable and learn how to conquer new tech problems.

Become a Better Problem Solver

Some people are born with stronger problem-solving skills. Then, there’s everybody else who might have to work a little bit to get there. There are plenty of ways you can develop more strategic ways of thinking along with problem-solving.

Get creative and stop losing your ideas by keeping an idea journal or using a mind map. By using a mind map you can help focus your mind on the problem visually, stimulate the brain, and increase the capacity for creative thinking. These things can help you generate more ideas for solutions later down the road as you play with code.

Be Consistent

Muscle memory plays a large part in programming. Make a commitment to yourself to code every day. As you make progress in your programming ambitions, you might learn different ways to retain the code.

Online Learning

So you’ve made the decision to advance your technical skills and learn to code. There are plenty of ways you can begin learning. Full-time or part-time learning in a classroom? There are resources that can enhance your online learning as you explore Python.

Some of our favorite online learning resources include:

Hackbright Explore Python: Try out our online coding modules. Explore the basics of Python at home, online with our six-course track made by Hackbright Academy.

Codecademy (free or paid): This is a great place to start learning what programming is about and what it feels like. They have created a name for themselves by being an effective first crash course in engineering.

Programming for Everybody: Getting started with Python by the University of Michigan on Coursera (free or paid): This one is effective for those who learn best with consistent and comprehensive coverage on each topic.

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Take a Prep Class

Not quite ready for an immersive bootcamp experience but still looking for an opportunity to learn valuable skills in software engineering? The Hackbright Prep course gives you a great introduction to coding before committing to one of our bootcamps. You’ll go through fundamental principles, like four loops, control flow, conditionals, data types. Hackbright Prep works particularly well for in-person learners, who need that face-to-face interaction to really understand a topic.

Get immersed in the Hackbright Academy experience with our all-women learning environment allowing you to ask questions comfortably and get the attention you need to be successful.

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