February 10, 2014 - by Angie

Make A #HackentinesDay E-Card, and Then Tweet It To Friends on Friday!

Learn the basic building blocks of HTML, CSS and JavaScript by building a Valentine’s Day e-card of your very own! #HackentinesDay with Uber software engineer Martha Kelly Girdler!A week before Valentine's Day, a hundred women (and a few good men) hacked on Hackentine's Day e-cards to the tune of an awesome Hackentine's Day Rdio playlist.

Uber software engineer Martha Kelly (@MarthaKelly) made this easy-to-follow Hackentine's Day e-card tutorial for people new to HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

To start, all you need is Sublime text editor or Textmate installed on your computer, as well as a browser like Chrome.

Make a #HackentinesDay e-card! First, download this project. Then, complete the tutorial by Martha to make a fun Hackentine's Day e-card with HTML/CSS/JavaScript - personalized for your favorite people! Go on, get creative! Get hacking!

Hackentine's Day participants made some fun e-cards:

- Kasey Jean Robinson deployed to GitHub "Hello World... Talk Nerdy To Me!"
- Siena Aguayo deployed to GitHub "Roses are #FF0000, Violets are #0000FF, All of my base are belong to you."
- Liz Borchardt deployed to Github "Won't you be my valentine?
- Brittany Martin deployed to Heroku "Valentine, will you be my Player 2?"
- Christina Pan deployed to GitHub "HEY GIRL..." - a Silicon Valley Ryan Gosling e-card!

Share your e-card with us!

Tweet a link to your e-card on Friday (Valentine's Day!) with hash tag #hackentinesday and we'll add it to the list of fun #HackentinesDay e-cards above!

How to Host your E-Card for FREE on GitHub Pages

GitHub accountant Alyson La (@TaxAly) posted her e-card on GitHub and shared this handy tutorial on how to publish your e-card to GitHub!

Watch Aly's YouTube tutorial on publishing your e-card to GitHub here:

Don't forget to share your e-card with us by tweeting a link with hash tag #hackentinesday this Friday :)


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