June 29, 2015 - by Paria Rajai

Hackbright Launches New Payment Plan Option for Part-Time Courses!

Hackbright Academy is proud to announce the launch of our new payment plan that enables women interested in participating in our part-time courses the chance to enroll in an affordable payment plan. The new financial alternative, created in partnership with San Francisco-based LendLayer, allows students to enroll immediately with a minimal deposit. The remainder of the tuition can be paid over the course of 10 months.


  • Upfront Tuition Deposit:​ $250
  • Tuition Amount Financed:​ $2,750
  • Payback Period:​ 10 months
  • Grace Period:​ 1 month
  • Annual Interest Rate:​ 19.3% (Total interest over 10 months: $250)
  • Monthly Payments After Grace Period:​ ~$300
  • Total Cost of Tuition on Payment Plan:​ ~$3,250
  • Total Cost of Tuition if Paying Upfront:​ $3,000

You can check out additional FAQ and details here.

Payment Plan in Effect for Fall Part-Time Courses

If you're considering taking one of our upcoming night courses, you can begin using the payment plan to finance your tuition right now. The enrollment deadline for our next round of 10-week part-time courses is July 27th. Come by our Info Session on 7/15 to chat with our team about the course that is the best fit for you. Courses begin in August. Learn about the various classes available below and secure your spot with the new payment plan:

  • Intro to Programming:  Designed for complete beginners to learn the fundamentals of programming in a fun and supportive environment.
  • Front-End Web Development: Dive into HTML, CSS and Javascript and build your own website. Great for product managers, designers, marketers, and more.
  • Full-Stack Web Development: Learn how to build and deploy full-stack web applications.

How Women Have Used Hackbright's Part-Time Courses to Pursue Technical Careers

Hackbright Academy's part-time courses have been designed specifically to make learning to code more accessible to women with full-time schedules. Check out how recent students have used these courses as a vehicle to pursue their technical ambitions:

KathrynKathryn Wu - From Teacher to Software Engineer: Part-time student Kathryn Wu decided to enroll in Hackbright Academy's Intro to Programming course to determine whether applying to Hackbright and completely changing her career would be the best decision for her.

I took the intro class because I was interested in the world of engineering, but wasn’t sure if programming or the learning environment at Hackbright would be a good fit for me. The intro class allowed me to gauge my interest in coding and confirm that I can learn effectively there so it was an easy decision at that point to commit to the fellowship!


Melissa-fabrosMelissa Fabros - From Little Coding Experience To Winning Google’s Summer of Code: Part-time student Melissa Fabros was initially not accepted into Hackbright's full-time software engineering fellowship, but that didn't stop her from pursuing her technical goals. She decided to enroll in Hackbright's part-time  Front-End Web Development and Full-Stack Web Development courses. Read about her journey.

I was accepted for Google Summer of Code 2015 this week.  Over 6,000 projects were proposed, and about 1,000 projects were accepted. This definitely wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t participated in Hackbright’s part-time programs.


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