November 06, 2013 - by Angie

Hackbright Co-Founder Speaking At DevBeat 2013 - And Save 30% On DevBeat Tickets With Discount Code "Bright"

DevBeat (November 12-13 in the Regency Center, San Francisco) is the can’t-miss event for those bright, motivated, mid-career developers. (Read: at least one year of experience as a software engineer)

Hackbright Academy is excited to be a media partner of DevBeat 2013!

Learn from Hackbright Academy lead instructor and co-founder Christian Fernandez as he teaches a Master Class - "an introduction to Python Obscura" - at DevBeat this Tuesday, November 12 from 2:40pm to 3:35pm at Sutter Annex. Here is the Master Class description from DevBeat -

If you've recently taken up Python, your code probably looks a lot like whatever language you were writing in previously. This is one of the great things about Python: it has the flexibility to allow a variety of idioms from other languages. However, Python has a number of obscure features you can start incorporating into your code to make it distinctly pythonic. Learn about some useful (and not-so-useful) Python tricks including generators, list comprehensions, decorators, and the bizarre dark magic of metaclasses and introspection.

VentureBeat writer Jolie O'Dell describes DevBeat -

We’re doing a security “breakathon.” We’ve got speakers who will blow your mind and make all your hacker-y dreams come true. We booked a huge, gothy-goth mansion with three floors of historical darkness.

What to expect at DevBeat 2013:

• Take Master Classes on Node, Angular, Python, and more
• Dive into workshops on security, design, and dev team leadership
• Hear talks from hackers like DHH, Stallman, Lerdorf, and many others
• Make decisions about what to learn, do, and be in the years to come
• Hack hardware hands-on with your peers
• Venture deeper into polyglot territory
• Explore new career paths

The program is high-level but hands-on, featuring two main tracks: one with focused Master Classes and active participation, and one with lean-back learning from hacker heroes. Register here with discount code "Bright" and save 30% on your ticket to DevBeat!

Participants include:

• Richard Stallman, Founder, Free Software Foundation
• Rasmus Lerdorf, Creator, PHP
• David Heinemeir Hansson, Creator, Ruby on Rails
• Tim Bray, Dev Advocate, Google
• Tom Preston-Werner, Co-Founder & CEO, GitHub
• Raymond Camden, Senior Developer Evangelist, Adobe
• Jeff Lawson, Co-Founder and CEO, Twilio
• Alex Payne, Programmer, Writer & Angel Investor
• Jonathan LeBlanc, Principal Developer Evangelist, PayPal
• Eric Minick, DevOps Evangelist, IBM
• See them all here

Networking: What would an event be without a good party? During your downtime, you’ll have plenty of time to network with 400 awesome developers during beer breaks, quick-connect sessions, receptions, and more.

Looking for new job opportunities, or for a developer to work with you at your own company? This is your chance to meet brilliant, motivated developers in a practical, focused environment.

Why DevBeat? If you’re good now but want to be the best, if you feel like you’ve hit a plateau, if you need inspiration from peers and coding heroes, come to DevBeat. You'll leave with the latest tools, insights, and cutting-edge ideas to take your craft to the next level.

Register here with discount code "Bright" and save 30% on your ticket to DevBeat 2013!


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