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Hackbright Alumnae Showcase: Jen Tseeng, Jessica Ho, and Kathlyn Paterson

Jen Tseeng

After graduating from Cornell University with a Chemical Engineering degree, Jen joined Hewlett Packard in the R&D printing division as a system integration engineer. During her 7 years with HP, Jen developed industrial printers alongside electrical, mechanical, and firmware teams both domestically and internationally. Upon returning to the US, she explored other industries and applied her engineering talents to the fuel cell industry and the OLED display market. During her decade in hardware engineering, program management, and project management, Jen had worked very closely with software engineers and software had always interested her. She came to Hackbright to hone her software development skills and become a full-stack engineer.


Hackbright Project: Waste Not, Want Noms

Full-stack web application to aid in consuming available ingredients to combat food waste. Flask based application takes in user-specified ingredients and minimum and maximum quantity requirements. Application interfaces with 3rd party REST APIs to gather recipes and back-end logic filters recipes according to user input. Recipes displayed to the user will be those that satisfy the user's goals.

Technology Stack:

Python, JavaScript, AJAX, Flask, SQLAlchemy, REST APIs

APIs Used:

Edamam API, Spoonacular API

About Jen Tseeng

C.S. or Related Experience Prior to Hackbright:

Over a decade as a hardware integration engineer leading teams with chemistry, electrical, mechanical, firmware, and software engineers.
Worked in the following industries: Graphic Arts printing (Hewlett Packard), consumer electronics (Kateeva), fuel cells (Bloom Energy)
Technical fluency in English and Spanish.

Jessica Ho

Jessica completed her undergraduate degree in Finance. Prior to Hackbright, she worked at Funding Circle, a financial technology company connecting small businesses to investors. There, she worked on the Partnerships Team, communicating with brokers and institutional banks. Jessica would often work closely with software engineers to discuss potential integrations within the website to foster a better user experience. She discovered that she was interested and capable of doing the same problem-solving work as her software engineering coworkers, which is why she decided to pursue this field. She now hopes to combine her past experience with her new passion for coding.


Hackbright Project: Discover San Francisco

Discover San Francisco is a full-stack web application that allows users to learn more about the city. Users can learn about the various neighborhoods and discover “things to do.” The neighborhoods and their data are stored in a PostgreSQL database. The Yelp API is used to display the top 5 most popular restaurants in each neighborhood and the Google Maps API is used to mark the location of each tourist attraction. Users can even contribute their thoughts by creating an account to comment and rate.

Technology Stack:

Python, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, HTML, CSS, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, jQuery, Jinja, Flask

APIs Used:

Yelp API and Google Maps API

About Jessica Ho

C.S. or Related Experience Prior to Hackbright:

Jessica’s brief tech experience came from working at two financial tech companies. When needing to analyze performance reports, she consulted the Data Team. She also got to work with the Software Engineering Team to talk about possible implementations needed on the company website. While working with the Data and Engineering Team, she discovered the interest in learning how to code so she would be able to do the work that the Engineering and Data Team can do.

Kathlyn Paterson

Kathlyn graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2014 with a Double B.A. in History and Political Science. After heading the marketing department of a small accounting start-up for three years, she left to pursue a career that challenged her and provided an outlet for her need to solve puzzles and understand problems. She ultimately discovered coding, which subsequently led her to Hackbright Academy. Kathlyn is excited to pursue a career that merges her background in political science and her love of solving puzzles with her newfound skills as a Full-Stack Engineer.


Hackbright Project: CandiDATA

CandiDATA is a web-based app that provides a breakdown and data visualizations of reported campaign finances for the 2018 Congressional races and allows users to search for candidates and the entities that contributed to their campaigns.

Technology Stack:

Python, Flask, SQL, SQLAlchemy, Bootstrap, Jinja, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, Chart.JS

APIs Used:

Center for Responsive Politics

About Kathlyn Paterson

C.S. or Related Experience Prior to Hackbright:

Kathlyn completed the Introduction to Programming Course at Hackbright Academy in the Fall of 2018.


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