November 13, 2019 - by Hackbright

Hackbright Alumnae Showcase: Ashley Gesmundo, Ashley Ma, and Camilla Mahon

Ashley Gesmundo

Prior to Hackbright Academy, Ashley worked for a wholesale gift & stationery company. Initially hired to manage the accounts receivables, she quickly proved to be an apt, problem-solving multi-tasker and the company proposed the position of controller to her. During her six years with the company, Ashley creatively tackled problems in different areas of the business, which enabled her to hone her solution-oriented mindset. She very much enjoyed juggling these challenges and growing from the opportunities to work with talented, inspiring peers, but ultimately her curiosity and drive directed her towards taking on new challenges to expand her problem-solving skills through software engineering.


Hackbright Project: KnowShows

KnowShows is a web application that makes music event searching a better experience for users by providing artist information along with a Spotify playlist for the music event lineup. Users can search events by artist, venue, or event name and can filter by location or date range. If the user wants to hear or see even more of an artist, there are links to the artist’s Spotify page and to YouTube search results page for the artist. Avid music fans typically have a desire to get to know artists before a show and KnowShows conveniently pulls together and organizes the research for them.

Technology Stack:

Python, Flask, Jinja, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, Javascript (AJAX, JSON), jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and CSS Grid

APIs Used:

SeatGeek, Spotify, Last.FM, and Google Maps

About Ashley Gesmundo

C.S. or Related Experience Prior to Hackbright:

Ashley worked closely with the IT team at her previous job to develop and maintain the computer systems. She finished the Hackbright Academy prep course in December 2018.

Ashley Ma

Ashley graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Business Management Economics. While working at an e-commerce company, Sheet Music Plus, she managed their social media accounts and increased their search engine rankings by completing multiple SEO projects. She also worked as a marketing specialist at Insight Exchange Network, where she would manage updating their website and social media accounts. She enjoyed the creativity that came with marketing but wanted to do more. Ashley hopes to hone her programming skills by using her creativity and enthusiasm for problem-solving that will help her with a software engineering role.


Hackbright Project: Stay Safe

A user enters in their emergency contact, activity information, and the time that they want to be sent a text to be checked on when they use the app for the first time. When logging in, their last activity information will be pre-populated in the form for easy use.

Using Twilio and the schedule library, the app sends an "Are You Okay?" text message to the user at the specified time to check up on them. If they do not respond within 5 minutes, a text will be sent to their emergency contact with the user’s last activity. Using the Google Maps API, their location will also be sent to the emergency contact if the user allows the browser to retrieve their location.

Technology Stack:

Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, jQuery, React, Bootstrap, AJAX, HTML, CSS

APIs Used:

Twilio, Google Maps, Geocoding API

About Ashley Ma

C.S. or Related Experience Prior to Hackbright:

Ashley had been exposed to coding with a JavaScript course in college and would learn Ruby on the side while working. Realizing that she genuinely enjoyed working through coding challenges, she decided to pursue this career change by attending Hackbright. In the future, Ashley hopes to improve her problem-solving skills while working in a full-stack software engineering role.

Camilla Mahon

Camilla came to Hackbright to hone her skills in tying together front and back ends. She is particularly focused on audio/visual data processing and front-end design. Previously, Camilla worked at Mapbox for five years where she began as a developer on the satellite imagery team, built their first image processing software stack, then hired and led an experienced engineering team to improve and maintain the technology. Camilla also built the foundation of the Unity team at Mapbox and then led the imagery team as Product Manager within Mapbox's Data Services division. Camilla is looking to continue her career in audio/visual data processing, with a focus on interactive front-ends.

Twitter: @camillacaros


Hackbright Project: Storybored

Storybored is a single-page React application for managing creative assets and organizing them into "chapters" and "projects". A user may upload creative assets and dynamically add them to chapter boards via a drag and drop interactivity. Registered users can save their assets and chapters in order to revisit them at a later date.

Technology Stack:

React, Python, Flask, HTML/CSS, Amazon Web Services, Javascript, Unix

APIs Used:

Amazon S3

About Camilla Mahon

C.S. or Related Experience Prior to Hackbright:

Python, Html, CSS, Unix/Bash


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