September 19, 2013 - by Angie

Hackbright Alum Wins Scholarship to Attend New Relic's Developer Conference - FutureStack 2013

Congratulations to Jessica Egoyibo Mong, a summer 2013 Hackbright Academy graduate, on winning a scholarship to attend New Relic's developer conference: FutureStack 2013 happening this October 24-25 in San Francisco!

At FutureStack, she will have the opportunity to learn more about the future of technology, software development and developer culture, while also networking with New Relic mentors, hiring managers and other industry folks.

Thanks to New Relic, Jessica receives:

• Full access to attend the two-day FutureStack conference
• 3-night stay at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco
• Travel to and from San Francisco
• A $200 food and general expenses stipend upon arrival

I'm in the process of registering an organization at my college (Claflin University) with the aim of creating a dev community at my school. The organization will be called Claflin Devs.

So our purpose is basically to bring together all who are passionate about tech and get our hands building applications that solve immediate problems at Claflin. Also, we aim to start programs in the elementary, middle and high schools in the Orangeburg, SC area to introduce them to the art of coding at early ages. That way, we can hopefully increase the number of underrepresented races in the field of comp sci. Apart from all the giving, Claflin Devs will have something I'm calling "Learning Series" where we come together and learn new technologies. We're having our first learning series this weekend! We start today, and it's about building web applications. About 25 students (majors ranging from comp sci to biochem) signed up and I and a few other students who have had experience building web applications will try to share information about the basics (i.e. model, views and controller). We're not exactly qualified to "Teach", but I'm hoping that by creating a community of sharing, others are inspired to learn, and then thos of us who know can have solid understanding as we try to explain.


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