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Hackbright Academy's Silicon Chef hosts over 200 makers in sold out women-centric hardware hackathon!

Our annual Silicon Chef hardware hackathon (September 27-28, 2014 in San Francisco) was a hit, thanks to our brilliant participants and mentors! Over 200 people joined the two-day event at Stripe HQ. We had hackers of various ages come from all around the state, including Los Angeles, Salinas and Oakland, in order to hack!

With the help of our awesome mentors -- experienced hardware and software hackers -- the hackathon attendees worked on 27 projects and demoed them on Sunday afternoon. The weekend included inspiring tech talks from experienced female engineers in the industry as well, from Tindie's head of engineering Julia Grace to O'Reilly author of "Making Embedded Systems" Elecia White.

Check out the full list of winners and their inventions below. Thanks to Autodesk, Stripe, Salesforce, and Amazon Lab126 for sponsoring the women-centric hardware hackathon. And HUGE thanks to all the participants for their passion, innovation and creative inventions!

Click here to check out hackathon photos on Facebook from the weekend!

Here are the winning teams from Silicon Chef 2014 --

Winner of "Best Internet Connected Hardware": Graceful Exit!

Team Graceful Exit built a beautiful, functional LED visualization of bus arrival times, using Electric Imp and the NextBus API. Thanks to Electric Imp, the winners received SparkFun multimeters! Winning team members: Meghan Hade, Kieu Tran, Kyla Farrell, Tiffany Lee, Kelsey Stemmler, Ashley Lorden.

Winner of "Best Use of Twilio API": Wanderful Bag!

Team iD Tech built Wanderful Bag at Silicon Chef 2014 - a smart backpack that connects parents with their little explorer. Thanks to Twilio, the winners received Raspberry Pis! Winning team members: Kaylyn Gibilterra, Katie Smith, Crystal Harpstreit, Stephanie Imperial, Alaina Valenzuela, Jyoti Shirolikar, Caroline Orsi.

Runner up for "Most Likely to Go to Market": Check Yo Self!

Team Check Yo Self built a feedback response system that allows teachers to make strategic pairings between students. Thanks to O'Reilly, winners received various books on electronics, Arduinos and sensors! Team members: Claire Shorall, Saundrea McElroy, Ronye Cooper, Sandra Vivian-Calderon, Laura Hernandez.

Winner of "Most Likely to Go to Market": LadyTemp!

Team LadyTemp built an Internet-enabled thermometer for female fertility tracking. Thanks to Highway1, winners received 1-hour design review with MEs, an EE review with a senior EE, and 5 hours of 3-D printing! Winning team members: Anna Cyganowska, Malina Arevalo, Neha Sharma, Lavinia Karl, Liubou Yudasina, Maggie Shine.

Winner of "Most Likely to Help in a Zombie Outbreak": Scary Photobooth!

Team rokusaburo machine-bas packaged their hack into a scary photo booth! The hack scares people, and tweets reaction shots to Twitter. Thanks to TechShop, winners received 2-month TechShop memberships! Winning team members: Vanessa Henderson, Nadine Hachouche, Jamie Piazza, Ugaso Sheik-Abdi, Jessica McElroy, Julie Krugler Hollek, Nora Humpage.

Winner of "Most Likely to Make A Career of Hardware Hacking": BrainWave!

Team BrainWave built an automatic reminder for prescriptions and medicines. Thanks to O'Reilly and Logical Elegance, winners received books on "Making Embedded Systems". Winning team members: Sukhada Palav, Pranjali Gharat, Lakshmi Vyas, Padmini Rajeevan, Maggie Lee.

Winner of "Most Likely to Save the Planet": CSIT-in-3 Irrigation!

Team CSIT-in-3 from Salinas, California built an auto irrigation water flow model at Silicon Chef 2014. Thanks to O'Reilly, winners received various books on electronics, Arduinos and sensors! Winning team members: Anita Garcia, Lesly Garcia, Bianca Hernandez, Araceli Gopar, Yarely Chino, Ana Perez, Miriam Flores.

Winner of "Most Creative Use of Hardware": Alpacathon

Team Alpacathon built 360 degrees of pictures of item for 3D scanning at Silicon Chef 2014. Thanks to Adafruit Industries, winners received $40 Adafruit gift certificates! Winning team members: Amelia Downs, Sara Gudeman, Camille Villa, Laurel Chun, Fanny Chow, Brandi House, Jahlela Hasle.

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Let us know if you've written a blog post about the Silicon Chef experience!

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