November 05, 2013 - by Angie

Hackbright Academy Visits Facebook For Tech Talks From Facebook Women - And For Lunch!

The fall 2013 class of Hackbright Academy visited Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park last Friday! We were warmly welcomed by Lisa Lee who leads diversity programs at Facebook. She invited the engineering fellows to share their stories of "life before Hackbright" before launching into tech talks from women at Facebook.

Facebook technical program manager (TPM) Niha Mathur spoke about the need for more women in infrastructure engineering to make things faster and better. Facebook engineering is scaling for one billion people and counting. Niha talked about scaling infrastructure to meet the demand for Facebook globally, and introduced the tech stack.

Facebook engineer Zainab Ghadiyali talked about crushing your coding interview. First, she mentioned that having a referral is always a good way to start. She spoke about recruiters and engineering that look for traits like passion, honesty and a love for problem-solving in their future engineers at Facebook.

Zainab spoke to the benefit of knowing your limitations and being open to interviewer feedback during the interviewing process. She ran over some technical terms to study (hash tables, heaps, various sorts...). She stressed not using a type of sort you don't fully understand, and reminded the engineering fellows that confidence comes with studying and preparing for the interview beforehand.

Interview Pro-tip: Practice solving coding questions without a text editor and with a time limit.

Hackbright Academy engineering fellows enjoy lunch at Facebook outside with engineers, including Hackbright mentor and Parse engineer Christine Yen (pictured, left). We enjoyed touring the campus after lunch as well, and the Sweet Shop!

We visited Facebook right after Halloween and liked the zombie "Like" - a big thumbs up!

Thanks to the women at Facebook for their continued support of Hackbright Academy's engineering fellows, and for providing scholarships for moms in tech.


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