July 06, 2015 - by Angie Chang

Blind Auditions for Developer Roles with GapJumpers: Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Have you faced bias in your job hunt because you're a woman or from a minority group or have a non-traditional educational background? Now, you'll be selected for your real talent and not your background.

Hackbright is working with GapJumpers to help to eliminate bias in hiring! Consider applying for an open role.

Companies want to increase diversity and hire candidates with unconventional backgrounds and experiences. In order to be unbiased in their selection, they're using 'blind auditions' at GapJumpers to select top talent based on their performance on technical challenges.

How does the process work?

1.) View open roles at GapJumpers.
2.) The technical challenge for each position is tailored to the skill set the hiring manager is looking for and demonstrates the kinds of problems you may face on the job.
3.) Find a position that you find interesting and is a good fit for you.
4.) Click the “Apply Now” button to start your clock. Note that most challenges have time limits of 2-4 days.
5.) Complete your challenge answer and submit it within the time allowed.
6.) When the hiring manager views your response submission, applicant details, such as name, race, age, gender, education, and background are hidden. Applicants are judged solely on the work they submit. However, do know that GapJumpers is not a platform for crowdsourcing ideas or work products. The IP of your challenge submission belongs to you.
7.) Whether you are chosen to move forward into the interview stage or not, you will receive feedback about the strength of your submission in relation to the other applicants.

Are these complex problems?

If so, what is is expected in order to get an interview for an open role?

Every challenge is open ended and unstructured in order to allow applicants the flexibility and creativity to think through the different elements of solving the problem and exploring possible solutions towards creating a prototype implementation.

There is no right or wrong answer. If you're interested in tinkering with web apps and solving problems, then we expect the same in your response to such 'blind audition' challenges.

Are you a little nervous about trying this for the first time?

Let’s look at a sample challenge to help you “warm-up”. Here’s the technical problem you will solve to apply to become an Experience Developer at Adobe:

We’d like to see if you can design a simple, well-designed interface for your prototype application.

Develop a single page web application in which users can upload a photo, draw a message on their photo (using more than one color), and then display the edited photo in an online gallery.

This application should work on mobile devices using touch-based input (that is, you should be able to draw on a photo using a finger). Try to design a solution that allows the user to create beautiful drawings easily and incorporate or encourage playful interaction between users.

Host the application on Heroku or a platform of your choice and submit the code for the entire application via a public Github repo.

Document the choices and assumptions you make in designing the architecture of your app in your README.md.

Can you do this challenge? Then, apply here for the Adobe Experience Developer role!

Not sure? Here are a couple of challenges you can try:

Sample interview question for a Front end Developer

Sample interview question for a Web Developer Intern

Are you ready to take on a challenge and apply for an open position?

Check out www.gapjumpers.me and see if there is a role that is right for you!

"Learning to learn is the most valuable skill" - Valeria Maltoni on on Medium

Let us know how GapJumpers process is going for you as a comment below!


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