February 16, 2018 - by Tori Tsu

Feel-good Vibe TGIF

TGIF! This week we're feeling the love and good vibes. And not just because of Galentine's, Valentine's, and the Lunar New Year! Our reading this week was definitively feel-good, a welcome respite for our mid-month roundup.

Check back at the end of each week for our Friday finds.

Here's what we're reading – February 16, 2018

  • Read: 2018 Annual Letter by Bill and Melinda Gates for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. We loved this thoughtful, honest, and open letter marking a decade of work from their foundation. Acknowledging the current political, social, environmental – you name it – climate, their words reflect a needed yet not overblown positivity. They answer the 10 toughest questions they've encountered with care and transparency.
  • Read: The Tech Unicorn That Went For Women Engineers: Here's How It Worked Out by Susan Adams for Forbes. Gusto's work to close the gender – and overall diversity – gap on their technical teams is inspiring. This piece shows how discussion can turn to action, and in turn, bring about real change.
  • Read: Tech companies should diversify by making their product teams look like their user base by Amanda Munday for Quartz. It's a simple concept, but one rarely put into practice. If more companies hired developers and leaders that reflect their customers, we'd see more diversity and equality in tech. Munday shares stories from women CEO's and other companies putting this into practice.
  • Read: How Valerie Got Into Bootcamp with Hackbright Prep by Imogen Crispe for Course Report. We may be biased, but we're so grateful for Prep grad, and current Full-Time Software Engineering student Valerie Moy for sharing her experience! Learn how she went from TechOps to Prep to the Full-Time Program.
  • Read: Lyft partners with Black Girls Code to help develop a more diverse tech industry by Megan Rose Dickey for TechCrunch. Small actions can lead to great impact – that's the thought process behind Lyft's Round Up & Donate program. We love how easy they make it to support BGC and help #changetheratio.

What are you reading, watching, and listening to? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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