August 24, 2015 - by Paria Rajai

Building Games, Analyzing Data and More: Hackbright's Intro to Programming Course Gets Women Coding

Hackbright Academy's Intro to Programming students have proved that coding can be for everyone even if you have no prior coding experience. Recent graduates of the 10-week night course came from varying backgrounds - entrepreneurs, journalists, project managers - and they all came out of the part-time class building programs using Python. Here's a roundup of a few projects to give you a glimpse of what can be accomplished in our upcoming Intro to Programming courses (which begin in Oct, learn more here):

1Menu Calculator: Bea created an app that calculates the restaurant check plus tax and tip. The Menu Calculator also calculates how many calories the user has ordered.



13Connect Four: Brooke decided to take a classic game to the online world. She built an app that allows two people to play Connect Four on their computers.



Choose Your SF Adventure: If you just sat down at a bar and you see your ex-boyfriend or best friend, who do you go talk to first? Where does that adventure lead you? Delicia built an adventure game that incorporates places within the city of San Francisco.



Data Analysis: Overloaded with excel sheets at work, another student decided to analyze her data to evaluate user behavior and make more effective marketing decisions.


The picture above shows a few of the recent graduates who completed the Intro to Programming and Front-End courses in July, along with some of their instructors! Our next session begins in October - let's get more women programming! Are you ready?

Fuel your curiosity and learn to code with us.  The enrollment deadline for our upcoming Intro to Programming Courses is September 23. If you have questions about the program, come by on Thursday, September 3, for our Info Session (RSVP here) to meet instructors, chat with past students and check out our space!


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