November 11, 2013 - by Angie

A Closer Look: Analyzing Diversity In Your Workplace

Metrics for "analyzing diversity in your workplace" have been broached by self-described tech culture critic Shanley as a response to a call for actual numbers of women working in engineering.

Shanley explains the "different axes, perspectives and analytical techniques with the goal of gaining a broader and more useful mental framework for quantifying and qualifying diversity in the workplace", reminding tech companies that diversity can be ethnic and racial, and broaches age, gender and sexuality to start. Take a look at suggested metrics for measuring attrition and advancement in employees:

• Average length of employment — white men vs. average length of employment of persons from marginalized and underrepresented groups
• Relative rates that people from marginalized groups — fired, laid off or quit compared to people from dominant groups
• Representation in various tiers of management — what is the diversity breakdown in the top tiers (C-suite) vs middle-managers vs individual contributors
• Representation in service groups — What is the representation across positions such as personal assistant, employee wellness, internal administration, etc. that are more focused than other roles on internal welfare and enablement?
• Representation across departments — do you have a marketing team of all women but an engineering team of all men? Average time to promotion? Average time in single positions without promotion? % that attain a management position over time?

Read the full article on Analyzing Diversity in Your Workplace for more metrics to consider - including pay/compensation, employee welfare, human resources, socialization, administration & coordination.

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