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6 New Web Apps Built by Female Engineers

Hackbright's 12-week Full-Time Software Engineering Program helps women learn the skills needed to become software engineers. Women in the program build creative web applications using the instruction they receive throughout the course. Just recently, we had a handful of women graduate the program. In this post, these recent grads will tell you what they created and why.

Margaret Cohort: December 2018

Jo Sanders

LinkedIn | Twitter | GitHub

Jo has a decade of experience in software development. She has helped to design many API and workflow systems while managing teams of engineers through much of her career. She has become intimately versed in what it takes to develop high-end tech and is ready to begin developing from the hands on perspective. Jo came to Hackbright with limited knowledge of Python and now has proven herself a knowledgable full-stack software engineer. She wishes to use what she has learned to develop technology to benefit the world and its relations; looking to programs like Jigsaw and EFF as examples of how to do so.

Hackbright Project: Our Calendar

The aim was to remove time spent discussing the right time to meet, rather set an intention to meet and allow technology to worry about the time that suits everyone schedules. Ideally this app is as flexible as possible to take into account how vital an individual is to a meeting, how important conflicts are to someone, what time of day you would prefer the meeting to take place, etc. All without feeling too UX heavy. This should make your day and everyone's day faster.

Technology Stack:

Python, JavaScript (AJAX, JSON), HTML, CSS, SQL, Flask, jQuery, Bootstrap, Jinja, PostgreSQL, Git, GitHub, Command Line

C.S. or Related Experience Prior to Hackbright:

Traversing several software development startups in the last decade. She earned a CS degree and congruently built 3D product for and lead testing of developing software for Hover Inc. Most recently she built up to Senior Producer in a video game development studio. Where she managed the production of 10 games and web apps per quarter. She assisted in the design of API systems, workflow systems, and worked directly with game engines, while managing teams of engineers and artists.

Kara Gallardo

LinkedIn | WebsiteGitHub

Kara's upbringing and early adult years were heavily communal; the impact of this is still visible today, as Kara's passions lie heavily in community-building and education. With stints in after-school volunteer work, LGBTQ activism, and local queer community outreach/education, they constantly seek to lift others up and encourage them to do the same. Kara's other passions include music (former percussion player, now dreaming about synthesizers), photography, and gardening in all forms. Their favorite polygon is the hexagon.

Hackbright Project: is intended to be a low-stress, relaxing study of generative text. Users can create bots from a variety of sources, including public twitter accounts and uploaded text files. From there, they can listen to the bots produce entirely new content based solely on those inputs.
Goals: Provide an interesting introduction to the idea of procedural generation and generative text. Allow users to experience content from larger social media forms in an interesting and remixed fashion. Inspire the creation of similar projects!

Features: User account creation, bot creation and tracking, favorites list

Technology Stack:

Python, Javascript, jQuery, Flask, Jinja, SQLAlchemy, MaterializeCSS, git, Github

APIs Used:


C.S. or Related Experience Prior to Hackbright:

Previous tech education includes coursework in Computer Science and Computational Biology at Florida State University. This transitioned smoothly to two years in the Florida State University IT Department as an IT Services Coordinator, where they worked on several campus-wide application deployments. After moving to California, Kara worked with the Uber Advanced Technologies Group as a Test Operator for their self-driving vehicles, creating detailed testing strategies and reports.

Kristi Lanzisera

LinkedIn | GitHub

Kristi graduated from the UC Davis with a B. S. in Animal Science. After a brief stint in biotech, she took a job at a local crime lab as a forensic scientist specializing in DNA typing. Starting as an absolute novice, Kristi, worked her way up through the ranks from Lab Technician to case-working Criminalist, ending as Supervisor where she managed a team of 9 Criminalists. This work satisfied her soul for many years, but the desire to solve complex problems creatively outpaced her vocation. When looking for a career change, the obvious choice was to pursue her new-found love of software through self-study and Hackbright Academy. She looks forward to starting a new chapter as a software engineer.

Hackbright Project: Safe@Home

Safe@Home is a web application that displays crime data (from Oakland PD) and homes for sale data (from Redfin) as markers on a Google map. A user entered address will become the center of the map and the crime and home markers are populated around it. Each marker, when clicked, will display the information about the crime that occurred or the house for sale at that location. A bar graph displays the number of crimes by type in the area around the input address. The user can filter out the markers displayed on the map. Crimes are filtered by type of crime and homes filtered by listing price.

Technology Stack:

Python, Flask, Jinja, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Chart.js

APIs Used:

City of Oakland crime data, Redfin homes for sale data, Google maps API

C.S. or Related Experience Prior to Hackbright:

Prior to Hackbright Academy, Kristi started her tech journey by taking Coursera's online "Learn to Program: The Fundamentals" taught in Python 3. Eager to learn more, she then took a 40-hour bootcamp entitled "Introduction to Programming for Bioinformatics" at UC Berkeley, which was also taught in Python 3. To further continue on her path to becoming a software engineer, Kristi enrolled in Hackbright Academy.

Michelle "Elle" Pujals

LinkedIn | GitHub

After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill, Elle completed two years volunteering with AmeriCorps. Since then, she has worked at Lyon-Martin Health Services in SF in 3 different roles, working up to serving as the lead for the front office team. While she was working in front line healthcare operations in a community clinic, she saw the huge impact technology has on access to healthcare for patients, as well as for clinics in their pursuit of providing quality care. After taking some online courses in CS and Python, she decided to enroll in Hackbright's Prep program to see if programming was for her. She discovered her newfound passion for programming and wants to eventually combine it with her passion for public health.

Hackbright Project: Mindful Mornings

Technology Stack:

Python, Flask, SQL, SQLAlchemy, JavaScript, React.JS, AJAX, CSS, HTML, Jinja

APIs Used:

Google Maps API

C.S. or Related Experience Prior to Hackbright:

Elle first got exposure to programming and CS fundamentals via UC Berkeley's Extension Intro to Statistics course and via their Intro to Computer Science course. Elle then took a course in Python through Code Academy and completed Hackbright's Prep course. Elle acquired skills in various Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software and platforms in her previous career such as: eClinicalWorks, GE Centricity, Epic, SFDPH's LCR, i2i, and Azara.

Priyanka Altman

LinkedIn | GitHub

Priyanka graduated from Dartmouth College in June of 2018, where she studied music and chemistry. Last year, she worked as a research intern at Akzo Nobel, where she helped develop a process to synthesize a chemical product precursor and later trained a new employee in her work. Priyanka also gained experience in leadership and education as the principal second violinist of the Dartmouth Symphony and as a TA for music and French courses. A machine learning course in her final quarter illuminated programming as a career choice that would combine her love for analytical problem solving with her strong creative instincts, and she is now eager to enter the workforce as a full stack software engineer.

Hackbright Project: Keyboard Diaries

For many of us, our texts are more than simply an instantaneous means of communication. They are written accounts of the moments in life we deem important enough to share with others. Keyboard Diaries allows users to tap into the insights and treasures stored within their iPhone text history. After uploading their contacts and messages databases from their iPhone or laptop backup, users can easily search their texts by date or keyword, learn their most commonly used emoji with each contact, and more.

Technology Stack:

SQLite, PostgreSQL, Python, Flask, Jinja, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, React

C.S. or Related Experience Prior to Hackbright:

Priyanka took two computer science courses while at Dartmouth, Introduction to Programming (Python) and Machine Learning and Statistical Data Analysis (also taught in Python). She also gained exposure to MATLAB while assisting with mathematical biology research her freshman year of college.

Sunah Park

LinkedIn | GitHub 

Sunah has worked as Corporate Finance manager at Samsung’s Headquarters in Korea for 6 years. As she managed over $2 billion in Samsung’s assets, she noticed the industry’s rapid transition to automation, mostly driven by software engineering. This made her realize that she needed to change in this new world. After moving to San Francisco, she decided to pursue software engineering as a new career. With deep experience and strengths in problem-solving, cross-functional collaboration, project management, and documentation, she wants to develop products that can help more people around the world achieve their potential.

Hackbright Project: Inside Out; Job Seeker’s Best Friend

Inside Out is a web app that provides to job seekers essential company data that are not easily found elsewhere. It uses key APIs including Google Maps API, Bing Web Search API, and News API. It also uses real salary data from U.S Labor Department as well as real time job listings scraped from Glassdoor. By simply typing in a company name, users can get the company overview, employee rating, location, and latest Google search trends visualized through Chart.js. Clicking on specific dates on the trend chart retrieves relevant news. Users can even check and compare company ranking within each industry based on search volume growth.

Technology Stack:

Python, JavaScript (AJAX, JSON), HTML, CSS, SQL, Flask, jQuery, Bootstrap, Jinja, Chart JS, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Flask-WTF

APIs Used:

Google Maps API(Geocode, Maps), Bing Web Search API, News API

C.S. or Related Experience Prior to Hackbright:

Sunah has completed a number of programming courses at multiple institutions. She built her HTML foundation while she was studying at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul. She also has completed comprehensive Python courses on Udemy. Most recently, she attended a part-time Python bootcamp led by a former Google engineer in San Francisco.


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