August 25, 2015 - by Paria Rajai

Top 3 Reasons to Recruit Female Engineers from Hackbright

Reason #3 to recruit from Hackbright: You're tapping into a network of incredible women engineers.

If a Hackbrighter enjoys working at your company, chances are she'll tell her friends. Not only that, a partnership brings you access to the whole Hackbright community, including not only recent graduates, but those who have completed a year or two in the workforce and are looking to expand their career development by moving into a new role.

Two of the best engineers I have worked with in my 30+ year career in engineering are Hackbright graduates.

Richard Lavoie
Senior Director of Engineering at Splunk

Reason #2 to recruit from Hackbright - Two words: Career Day.

During Hackbright's quarterly Career Day, your company will meet over 30 ambitious, entry-level software engineers -

I am always excited by the energy and talent exhibited at Hackbright's Career Day. New Relic has been attending since the very first Career Day. We are one of the program's biggest fans, with six Hackbright alumnae on the New Relic engineering team, and hope for more!"

Darin Swanson
VP of Engineering at New Relic


Reason #1 to recruit from Hackbright - You're hiring an engineer with a desire to make an impact.

Many of our graduates aren't here to simply fill an engineering role, they're here to make their mark on the tech industry and change the ratio in engineering. Whether it’s building a technology that solves a societal problem (our students have created LGBT-focused apps to make an impact on the community as part of their projects, for example) or through empowering other women to get involved in the industry (Hackbright alumna Michelle Glauser leads the #ILookLikeAnEngineer movement), Hackbrighters are truly amazing women that bring engineering teams to another level.

I spoke with people who blew my hair back. A lot of really, really talented people.

Pat Poels
VP of Engineering at Eventbrite

Technical recruiting is a challenge for most companies but it doesn't have to be. Get plugged into a network of brilliant and talented women software engineers at Hackbright Academy:

Hackbright Academy is an exemplary model for promoting women in technology and leadership. Hackbright brings to life the belief that when women succeed, America succeeds!

Nancy Pelosi
Democratic House Leader

On day one, the productivity gap for web development between computer science graduates and Hackbright graduates is slim to none.

Selina Tobaccowala
President & CTO at SurveyMonkey


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