Alum News Aug 28, 2014

Pretty Little Liars is one of the most-tweeted television shows and popular among American teens.

Whether you love the show or not, “lots of girls watch this show and it would...


Hackbright News Aug 25, 2014

Silicon Chef is a women-centric hardware hackathon for humans who identify as female coming up this September 27-28, 2014 in San Francisco’s Mission district.

This is Hackbright Academy‘s annual hardware hackathon...


Alum Aug 21, 2014

Hackbright alum have provided advice — self care strategies if you will — for the past, present and future entry-level software engineers to make the job search less daunting. By...


Student Blogs Aug 1, 2014

By Freya Rajeshwar (Summer 2014 – Front-End Web Development Student, Hackbright Academy)

The past 10 weeks have been some of the busiest, craziest, and most fulfilling times of my life. In...


Alum News Jul 8, 2014

By Morgan Griggs (Hackbright Academy – summer 2013 class)

A couple of weeks ago, I attended O’Reilly Velocity Conference in Santa Clara. The conference focused on web and mobile performance, and...


Hackbright Field Trips Jul 7, 2014

.“You have to acknowledge the problem. We can’t debug it if we don’t,” said Google VP Megan Smith. In fact, Women TechMakers dinners were held restaurants across the city of...


Profiles of Woman Engineers Jun 17, 2014

Madhura Sharangpani founded Platform9 Systems, an early-stage startup located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Having raised Series A funding, Platform9 simplifies the management and consumption of computing infrastructure. Before...


Hackbright Speakers May 27, 2014

Google security engineer (and Hackbright mentor) Chris Palmer helps new programmers understand how to answer questions like “How much RAM does Twitter have to buy?” and “What’s the lowest possible...


Hackbright Speakers May 22, 2014

At Hackbright Academy, Mozilla software engineer (and Hackbright mentor) Margaret Leibovic encourages new programmers to try their hand at building browser extensions – these are tools to make your browser...


Hackbright Speakers May 21, 2014

Christine Yen, software engineer at Parse (Facebook), urges Hackbright Academy alum to use their newfound engineering skills to automate everything.

Watch the full Hackbright Academy Tuesday night tech talk on life...